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Let us help you achieve healthy, glowing skin with our luxurious range of Organic and Active Skincare along with a range of body treatments to keep your skin cleansed, refreshed and hydrated all year round.

We offer a wide range of skin services including Microdermabrasion and IPL Skin Rejuvenation, Acne and Vascular along with relaxing Hydrating and Cleansing treatments.


DEBUT Facial

A gentle introduction to our cosmeceutical products. Perfect for those who are time poor or as an introduction for teens who are struggling with their skin.

30 mins, $70


50 mins, $130

Dermaplaning with Collagen Mask

Using a sterile scalpel, we remove all the hair from your face as well as the top dead layer of skin. It is a very gentle, relaxing treatment which cannot change the structure of the hair on your face – so don’t worry about the hair coming back thicker or darker! Afterwards you are treated to a cooling collagen mask to make sure you leave with plump, hydrated skin. Afterwards, your skin will be baby smooth and makeup will glide on like never before. Be warned – this treatment is addictive!!

40 mins, $125

Microdermabrasion with Collagen Mask

30 mins, $100

Lactobotanical Peels

Using L-Lactic acid in various strengths, these peels are powerful yet gentle and aid in cell renewal and turnover as well as gently exfoliating superficial pigmentation. It’s one of the few hydrating peels and is naturally found in the body so better accepted than other acids like glycolic. A course of 6 is advised for best results although it can be used on it’s own or as an addition with other facial treatments.

30 mins, $100

Pigmentation Peel

Using an unbuffered acid, we can gently and effectively remove superficial pigmentation while still maintaining the integrity of your skin. As with all pigmentation treatments, you must be prepped with 2 weeks of home care. This ensures no throwback pigment occurs during the treatment and it supports the skin and the peels results after the peel has finished. Depending on your skin type, you may peel and have some “down time” but this is not true in all cases.

1 hour, $185

Salicylic Peel

Specifically formulated for oily and acneic skins, this is effective in killing bacteria and reducing the amount of oil on the skin. Often used in conjunction with alkaline treatments for acne skins, there may be some peeling involved although it is usually extremely well tolerated by most oily skins.

30 mins, $140

Advanced Vitamin A Peel

Effective in the treatment of aged, dull, pigmented and scarred skins this peel requires 2 weeks of prep and it may cause a few days of peeling. This advanced peel is not suitable for all skins and is best performed during the cooler months when there is less chance of UV exposure.

40 mins, $225