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henna Brows

Let us create the brows you love.

Did you know that the original Brow Henna by Irina Levchuk of LB Design encourages new hair growth and condition the hair making it appear more shiny and healthy? Or that it’s perfect for covering those pesky grey and white brows that so hard to tint?

Not only does Brow Henna fill in sparse areas, giving the soft look of powdered brows, the stain lasts up to 14 days on your skin and around 4-6 weeks on your hair _ and that’s all with 99.52% natural ingredients and NO ammonia or peroxides. How good is that!

Brow Henna is custom blended for each client and is suitable for all skin tones and hair colours.

Eyebrow Styling

Our signature treatment.

Kali Ma Beauty’s highly trained brow artists are always a step ahead in ensuring the best products and techniques in the industry are used to achieve the perfect brow to compliment each individual. We will shape your brow to perfection and finish off styling with premium Brow Code products.

Cosmetic Doctor

If you use or are considering injectables you need to ensure you use the right technician with the right skills and knowledge to deliver the best possible results for you.

Dr Tandra Paul is highly respected in her field and will go out of her way to explain the various options as well as the pro’s and con’s of each. Dr Tandra is passionate about her work and ensuring a beautiful result for each individual

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are my absolute love! A quality set of lashes properly applied can make you feel amazing each and every morning and can be as natural or as dramatic as you wish.

I stock a wide variety of highly sort after Korean made Silk and Mink lashes in “Classic” and “Russian Volume”.

This popular application requires 2-3 weekly up keep though can be put on for any special occasion, holiday or just as a pick me up.

Thickness 0.07 – 0.20

Length 8mm – 16mm

Makeup Artistry

We aim to provide you with the highest quality makeup application and your most desired look.

With access to the full range of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, genuine WASP lashes and lots of other little trade secrets stashed in the vault, we will have you looking your absolute best for your special occasion.

Spray Tanning

Everyone loves getting their tan on!

Especially when it’s the best tan that money can buy.

Sunescape has developed what we believe to be the most attractive and natural looking tan available.

It’s an olive base which means NO ORANGE and can be applied as dark or as light as you wish.

You can rinse it off after 2hrs, it has no nasties, wears well, comes off nicely and feels good on the skin.

2hr tans keep developing for up to 48hrs so it pays to get it done a day or two before you want the desired colour.

Cosmetic Tattoo

Feathering/Micro-blading/Micro-stroking/3D/ Shading/Block 


Eyebrow tattooing is ideal for women who would like a more defined look, or filled in brow shape.

Eyebrows are created using different methods, block tattoos are created for a defined brow, powder brows create a softer look and feather stroke is the most natural looking, creating the brow with individual hair strokes. These methods can be used on their own or combined for your own custom designed brow.

As everyone’s needs are unique, a quote and recommended procedure will be given after the initial consultation.

Men's Waxing

There are many reasons for men to wax.

Many athletes wax to enhance their sporting abilities. Swimmers and body builders tend to get all their body hair removed to increase their performance, whilst many cyclists wax to as a preventative measure, as hair free skin allows them to heal quicker if they graze or cut their skin.

But this doesn’t mean male waxing is limited to athletes. Many men choose to wax as a personal preference, enjoying the aesthetics, convenience and long lasting results of a professional wax.

There are also many benefits to male waxing:

  • You can enjoy longer lasting results than you will when shaving as the hair is pulled from the roots. Your skin will be less irritated. Unlike shaving which can cause rashes on sensitive skin
  • A high quality wax using good technique and products will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth
  • Waxing is fast and convenient. Due to the longer lasting results, no longer will you need to put time aside every day to maintain a clean look.
  • for a more permanent, long term result ask us about IPL/SHR hair removal

For a more permanent, long term result ask us about IPL/SHR hair removal.

Ladies Waxing

We’ll wax from your head to your toes.

Waxing intimate areas requires sensitivity, skill and care. You can trust us to use the best techniques to ensure fast and efficient hair removal to keep you silky smooth.

Microdermabrasion with Serum Infusion

Sometimes skin needs a little more attention and this is a treatment that delivers.

A 6 treatment block is recommended to achieve optimum results. Gently polishing and refining the skin and infusing with a rich serum over the 6 treatments will take tired, thick, troubled skin back to its former life and will keep your skin looking and feeling amazing.


Take your ultimate spa experience to a new level with this deluxe body overhaul.

Experience Dry Body Brushing, to enhance lymphatic drainage and exfoliation, then a powerful full body salt scrub to polish and reinvigorate the skin. A custom clay mask blend detoxifies the body, finishing with a rich, nourishing moisturiser. 

IPL/SHR Hair Removal

We use state of the art equipment and our technicians have been trained specifically for each application ensuring you will be in the best hands.

Hair Removal – Who wants permanent and pain free hair reduction? We all do. It’s so much more affordable with our exclusive “Beauty Pay” System – small weekly payments make this an affordable option.

Skin/Acne/Pigmentation Treatments – When skin isn’t looking its best it can really affect your confidence. We are dedicated to restoring your beautiful skin and giving you back the confidence to be your best self. With specialised treatments for sun damage, pigmentation, acne and other skin issues we will work with you to tailor a programme to suit and with small weekly payments through “Beauty Pay” why wouldn’t you?


Let us help you achieve healthy, glowing skin with our luxurious range of highly active, luxurious skincare that is free from harsh ingredients and will give you the results you desire.

We offer a wide range of facial services that are tailored to match your skin type and achieve the outcomes you want. Cruelty-free, Australian owned and results-driven, our skincare brands are top-of-the-range and will give you a flawless, healthy glow.

massage treatments

Relax your body and mind at Kali Ma with our professional massage service, offering a range of styles such as Full Body Swedish Massage, Lateral Pregnancy Massage and Indian Head Massage.

These services pair perfectly with the Full Body Scrub & Detox Wrap or any Deluxe or Debut Facial.

eyelash lifting & tinting

Eyelash lifting enhances your natural lashes, lengthening and raising them beyond a regular lash curl.

We offer a package of Eyelash Lifting & Tinting to achieve the fullest, longest-looking, dramatic lashes it is possible to achieve naturally. A lash consultant will customise the perfect curl and tint for your lashes. We offer professional products, such as serums and specialised mascara, to make the most of your lash lift.