Did someone say natural looking, lush, full brows that last? Yes please!

At Kali Ma Beauty our team are always staying up to date with the latest beauty trends, and we love nothing more than a perfect brow so we are excited to now offer Henna Brows to our gorgeous Perth Hills clients.

The results for our clients have been amazing so far. The henna technique gives a beautiful powdered look that makes the brows appear naturally fuller and thicker, and with correct maintenance can last for up to 4 or more weeks depending on your skin type. The colour will fade first from the skin and will last longer on the brow hairs. Henna is a natural plant based pigment and is suitable even for dry and sensitive skin types.

Looking after your henna brows will help you get more out of them. Avoid washing or scrubbing the brows directly, especially in the first 24 hours after application, and try to avoid the brow area when using cleansers, toners and moisturisers.

The application consists of using a high quality Henna powder mixed with water that is carefully brushed onto your brows. We take great care to ensure the henna is applied to your brows with precision and then after allowing enough time to set we gently brush away the excess powder and finish off with our signature brow styling treatment.

Below is one of our lovely customers Nikki with her freshly styled henna brows, we are in love!

Henna Brows Kalima Beauty Mundaring

Almost 2 weeks later we checked in to see how her Henna Brows were going;

“I am a convert. The henna makes my brows look really full and natural and they look like I have filled them in with makeup which is how I like them. I have been careful to wash my face around my brows gently to avoid rubbing the henna off just like you said and they still look nice and defined! One of my brows gets a tiny bald patch that I usually have to fill in and so far I haven’t had to use any brow product at all. Thank you so much, I love them!”

If you would like to give Henna a go just to mention it to one of the girls at your next appointment.

See you in the salon.

The Kali Ma Team xx